Kanana Fou Theological Seminary is situated in the center of Tafuna, on the island of Tutuila, American
Samoa. It geographically falls within the borders of Ituau and Tualauta counties and within 5-minutes drive
from the Pago Pago International Airport. The seminary, along with other public schools and Bible schools
in the vicinity, make the district of Ituau an island-renowned academic community.

Visiting Kanana Fou

As you explore undergraduate theological education, we invite you to be our guest on campus and
experience our community as you attend classes, worship services and special lectures. Please contact
the Office of Admission or Office of the Registrar for information on arranging a visit to Kanana Fou
Theological Seminary, or see our web site for more information.

• Telephone: 684-699-2273/4322
• E-mail: kftseminary@yahoo.com
• Web site: www.kftseminary.org


The Campus

Kanana Fou Theological Seminary is located on the CCCAS compound that is beautifully positioned at the
heart of a residential and businesses area of Tafuna, surrounded by an increasingly diverse population. It
is the only theological college in the territory and is ranked highly among top theological institutions in the
South Pacific. It occupies a spacious 32.5-acre campus, encircled by quiet, safe neighborhoods, within a
short walk to park-like settings, fast-food places (Mc Donald's, Kentucky's Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, etc.),
groceries stores; and it's only minutes away from the island's main airstrip.

The seminary is sensitive to individual, racial and ethnic differences and seeks students from diverse
cultural backgrounds. Most of the buildings on the campus were completed according to a master plan by
the denomination herself. Discover your strengths at Kanana Fou—academic, athletic, artistic, social and
spiritual. Create your own experience. A tour of the Kanana Fou campus will highlight the following
resourceful facilities:

"Ua Taunu'u" Sanctuary:

The center for worship on campus is "Ua Taunu'u" ("It is Finished") chapel. Built in 1984 and dedicated in 1985, the 150-foot high chapel seats approximately 1,000 or more. The CCCAS biennial General Assembly is held here. The main sanctuary serves as the landmark of the seminary campus and is open daily during the academic year and during weekdays, as a place for personal prayer and meditation. It is used for a variety of religious or faith-based activities, and is open to all as a place of refuge and peace.

The weekly community Sunday worship services, and other special liturgical events take place in
the chapel. The chapel is sometimes used for musical performances, dramatic presentations, and
public addresses or forums that reflect the integrity of the purpose of the building. These may
occasionally be jointly sponsored by the CCCAS.

"Mafutaga a Tina" Fellowship Center:

The first building on campus, the center was completed in 1979. It serves as the Women's Organization multipurpose hall. The hall's main lobby is utilized for meetings and social events or gatherings. On the first-floor are two mid-size conference rooms, an audio-visual room and a main hall with a capacity of 600; on the second-floor are 12 hotel-styled guest rooms, fully furnished with internet-access capabilities.

Kanana Fou Alumni Library:

Erected in 2008 as a maker to the 25th anniversary of the seminary, the alumni fellowship built the exquisite two-story library facility that serves as the major resource center for religious and general studies at Kanana Fou. It currently has approximately 12,000 volumes, multiple series of journals, periodicals and students academic projects. In cooperation with the Feleti Barstow Library, the Kanana Fou library also provides services and resources for programs of the general public. Students, faculty and staff of these programs are the library's primary service group.

Bert Williams Tofaeono Administration Building:

Named in memory of the seminary's first president, the administration building was completed in 1986. It contains the campus offices of Admission, Registrar, Financial Officer, Faculty, the seminary chapel, and classrooms. Most of the classes are offered here.

Student Housing:

Campus housing consists of one dormitory facility with 24-room quarters and 21 separate living quarters (4 two-level and 17 one-level housing units). The living-quarters are occupied by married students with their dependents, and some faculty members. Living quarters are the sole properties of the church and students may provide their own furniture, if needed.

"Tautua" CCCAS Secretariat:

This building dedicated in 1990, contains the central offices for the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa, including the workstations for the church's Chairperson, the General Secretary, and Treasurer. Other office space houses the church's Print Shop, Book Store, and Publications Office. Its name depicts the functional purpose of the office, that is "to serve" the wider ministries and mission of the CCCAS.

"Taeao Afua o Tupulaga" Gymnasium:

Completed in 1996, the building holds a capacity of more than 2,000. It comprises of locker rooms for athletes, showers, restrooms, and dressing rooms. It also serves as a multi-purpose building for entertainments and worldwide conferences—CWM, PCC, WCC, etc. The building is also utilized by the public and the Government of American Samoa to hold important meetings and festivities.

Kanana Fou High School:

The high school is a new development project established in 2006. It employs a faculty network from diverse backgrounds with esteem teaching credentials and experiences. Having a high school on campus makes it more convenient for the children of student couples to enroll in the seminary. It also has a JROTC, military program that help prepares high school students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens. The JROTC program is a stimulant for promoting graduation from high school and it provides instruction and rewarding opportunities which will benefit the
student, community, and nation.

"Senetenari" Guesthouse:

This is a large traditional Samoan house which serves as a guest house or meeting house for the chiefs. This Samoan house is essentially an elongated house having straight sides and rounded half domes at either ends. The high vaulted room and open sides assured maximum coolness. The Fale Samoa is mainly used for community meeting or ceremonial events when the seminary hosts special events or guests. It is the spirit of openness and welcoming atmosphere of the Fale Samoa that draws people to hold important events in it. Kanana Fou community meetings and other special occasions or celebrations are held here as well.